Professional Recommendations

Think of this as my Yelp page.

Allen Fazio - Chief Information Officer at Word & Brown

"Art is a multiplier - not only does he deliver quality solutions but his positive attitude has an impact on those he works with and on the entire department. Always going the extra mile Art will quickly make a difference on your team."


Sanjay Jayaswal - Director, User Experience Research at Perficient Digital

"Art is a consummate professional who brings a rare combination of extensive experience and acumen to the table. He also provides a great addition to any team due to his upbeat attitude and infectious sense of humor. Art is the kind of person who simply makes any project he works on have a much better chance of success."


Susan Kight - Business Analyst at Perficient

"Art is an exemplary team player and a tremendous asset to every client he works with. He is highly skilled in user experience research and I've been fortunate enough to work alongside him incorporating his research findings to drive real change in improving digital experiences for our client’s website.

Art is able to take high level direction and use his expertise in determining the optimal method to conduct user research and share findings in an easy to understand format that supports my role in devising strategies to solve digital experience problems and challenges. His excellent communication skills position him well to articulate findings across a diverse range of stakeholders. He frequently exceeds expectations in the work products he delivers and a keen believer of continuous improvement in all he does.

Art’s positive attitude and enthusiasm is infectious, he is always ready to give 110%. It has been a real pleasure to work with him and he is always the most fun team member of the team. I hope I have an opportunity to work with Art again in the future."


Linh Huynh - Vice President IT Enterprise Services at Word & Brown

"Art is an experienced, qualified and talented Information Architect. He is an innovative thinker and continually brings creative ideas to the table. He understands how to present information in way that is easily consumable and is proficient at adapting to the needs of the audience. He is well trained in his interactions with the user community and skilled at extracting the data necessary to produce effective results. He is one of the most motivated employees I’ve had the pleasure to work with. He brings a level of enthusiasm to his job that few can. He has an amazing attitude and consistently looks for ways to add value. He is one of those employees that can always boost morale during challenging times. Given the opportunity, I would not hesitate to work with Art again."


Angela Moran - Senior Vice President, Information Technology at Word & Brown

"I worked with Art on several projects requiring UI/UX redesign and Art did not disappoint. His many years of experience enabled him to look at the redesign from an entirely different lens. His recommendations to streamline and simplify the user experience were invaluable. I would definitely recommend Art when UI/UX capabilities are needed as he is very competent and a pleasure to work with."


Scott Diehl - Vice President of Product Management at Word & Brown

"I have had the good fortune to work with Art on a few User Interface and User Experience projects where we refined our website's core functionality in quoting insurance. Aside from being enjoyable to work with, Art offers unique insights into the world of the user and allows the team a broader perspective on ways to approach web design and layout to achieve the greatest effect. His work is of high quality and he operates within the finer details to ensure that our site's visitors had the best access to the many features and functionality we wished to empower them to use."


Polly Neves - Vice President, Marketing at Word & Brown

"The first thing you need to know about Art is he's so much fun! And while that's one of many positive and wonderful characteristics, it is important because he's great on a team.

I worked with Art on many projects requiring his UX expertise. His background as a creative director also helped him not only work to give marketing both quantitative and qualitative information, but in a way, that made sense to those left and right-minded individuals on the team.

What I loved most about working with Art was his thoughtfulness. He's disciplined and takes extraordinary effort into understanding his role on a project and really digging in and exploring how customers think, feel, react, and ideally how they'll react by something we're doing to provoke engagement."


Aaron Watts - Senior Supervisor Technical Lead at Word & Brown

"Art truly has a passion for analytics and human behaviors, and in trying to understand why users react the way they do to our products and services. He is a great advocate for the user and always wants to back up his recommendations with real, useful data. In addition to an impressive skill set, Art is also a pure pleasure to work with. He is highly adaptable to a changing environment and took on new responsibilities with a smile and an excellent attitude. He is the consummate team player. In the years we worked together, I also found him to be an excellent and enthusiastic teacher, and learned a lot from him."


Orlin B. Goode - Web Operations Manager at ESRI

"Art is one of the most talented individuals I've had the pleasure to work with. His knowledge of user experience and use of related technology is incredible and he's always researching new trends and emerging ways to engage users. Art is the source for new technology and I've learned a great deal from him.

Art has the talent, passion, and perspective it takes to map out the various inputs leading to effective and interactive design. He has an excellent work ethic, and truly values personal and professional relationships."


If you made it to this point I am encouraged. You now know more about the impact I have on projects and what I bring to the table. Let's talk about what I can do for you, 1.714.357.7578 Art Zippel.


Eve (Powell) Orio at Perficient

"Art is one of those rare people who is highly skilled at what he does, yet truly open to others’ ideas and needs. It was always a joy to work with him – not just because of his excellent work ethic, but also because of his willingness to dig deeper or even entirely rethink the approach to a project if that’s what was called for. Oh, and all the things Art’s other recommendations mention about his great personality are absolutely true. If you seek an outstanding UX researcher who is a joy to have on the team, look no further than Art."

Art Zippel

Laguna Niguel, CA


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