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User experience always happens, you can guide it or not. The choice is yours.

I've worn a lot of hats over the years, and still ended up bald. Rats.

Out of school I accepted a position as a visual designer and was promoted to Art Director for an in-house advertising agency. During this time, I became fascinated with photography and made a career change into advertising photography where I owned a large studio in Orange County for 18 years. Due to the effects of the rise in the popularity of stock photography, I closed my studio and went back to my first love, design as a UI designer and html programmer. During this time, I freelanced and worked at several firms before landing a job as a Creative Director at a "dot-com" for 2 years until it was a “dot-gone” (ah, those were the days).

Afterwards, I took the position of Creative/User-Experience Director at the National Fibromyalgia Association where I stayed for 8 years. I completed my certification as a Usability Analyst in 2010 and later went on to finished my second degree, Cognitive Psychology.  At which time, I commuted for 2 years to ESRI (Redlands) as an Information Architect and had my first taste of corporate life. I worked on a wide range of projects from marketing websites to iOS and Android apps. The highlight of my time at ESRI was having access to an onsite usability testing lab with adjacent observation room (ah, the good life). It was also during this time that I became the lead for our behavioral web analytics using Clicktale and CrazyEgg.

In 2013, I accepted a position as a User-Experience Information Architect at Word & Brown on the Enterprise Services team. Word & Brown was a group of 6 companies associated with the health insurance industry. My first couple of years I worked exclusively on a joint project with Xerox developing the Affordable Care Act website for the state of Nevada. Once that site was launched I worked on a very, very wide range of projects that included:

  • Customer facing Medicare site for purchasing healthcare
  • Supporting application refinements of broker quoting engine
  • A/B testing of print ads for the Marketing department
  • Standardization of UX processes
  • Evangelize the UX team to all Word & Brown companies
  • Various surveys, one of which was an exit survey for the HR department along with an executive dashboard that configured reports
  • Behavioral web analytics using UserTesting.com, Mouseflow, and Optimal Workshop

On another note, since 2002 I have also been a professional DJ providing a wide range of services for wedding and corporate clients. I attribute at least part of my success as a DJ to my user-experience background and those extremely important individuals, mixologists (bar tenders).

I have a keen sense of humor and I am considered a positive morale booster to any team I am part of. View my linkedIn.html recommendations.

If you made it to this point I am encouraged. You now know more about how I think and what I bring to the table. Let's talk about what I can do for you, 1.714.357.7578 Art Zippel.


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